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Welcome to DewCoach Life! Steve (son) and Terry (dad) are partners and the DewCoaches. Our workout and party facility is our favorite place to be and we have many clients that agree. Here at DewCoach Life we have combined our talents, experience and desire to help others into a menu of services that aid you in attaining great health when you can't be at our facility in Simi Valley, California Take a look at everything that's offered and then sign up to get access to an amazing array of services.

We can make you strong, fast, and healthy.  And look good! That's our job.  We help with the 5 workouts a week inside DewCoach but outside? 

163 HOURS 
We help with the workout, but MORE, we help with the other 163 hours a week.  
How?  DewCoach Life. We will deliver you tons of helpful information, direction and assistance.

$17 a month - Price of one good lunch.  
Would you give up 1 good lunch to be strong and good looking and ripped?  

NO, it does not happen in an instant.  People say, I want to be in shape in 6 weeks. We ask, were you in shape 6 weeks AGO?  

They say, no!  And we say, you will be better in 6 weeks, but you may have big goals, let's not kill you like some stupid TV show.  And they say, okay -- nice to work with sane people!!!  

So we packed this members only site with tons of tools to get you the greatest life and sexiest body you want including the free ebook that goes by that exact name!

Yes, really! 

Also, we have an annual retreat.  A giant party.  We take all clients and coaches.   If you join for the $17 a month, you get the retreat for free! 

Abs are built through correct programming but they are made visible in the kitchen by eating correctly.

But what is the plan?  Well, we all know, no one gets lost on a good straight road, right?  So here are the details of the plan.  What to buy.  What to make.  What to eat.  Based on your goals.  More muscle.  Lean and hard.  Ripped.  Toned and sexy.  We have it here.    

We know what you east isn't perfect.  So we have a food log.  Part of it is knowledge, but if ,as some silly people say, knowledge is power, librarians would run the world.  They are smart, but they do not run the world.  What is power? APPLIED KNOWLEDGE - action based on knowlege - those people DO run the world.  That's why we have the food log; to transfer your knowledge (of what you ate) and combine it with our knowledge of nutrition and you specifically to  make adjustments, corrections and congratulations to keep you moving toward your goals.





So here is a tool to help.  We make it easy.  You email everything going into your mouth (okay, stop that!  ALMOST everything you crazy people).  Email everything you eat or drink using the form on the Food Log page and DewCoach Steven a master analyst and powerlifter does the work and lets you know, in an email what should or might change.  

The process works. It works like you paid $100,000 a year nutritionist trainer.  And you do NOT have to pay the $876,000 per year for the full time 24/7 pro analyst like the pro football and basketball teams.  Not like the tennis pros.  Or the U.S. Olympic Women's gymnastic teams.  How did you think those athletic women got in that shape?  Training alone?  Nope.  

It is the tool and formula proven by pros.  You get it for $17 a month.  So you are paying 2.3 cents and hour, if you only use the analysis from Steven.







We can all look perfect fast, but we'd have to eat like insane people.  No one can stick with a diet of twigs and bark, nor should they!  

Healthy, good, tasty, filling, powerful RECIPES!  THAT is a key.  When you make the food work and lovely, then things really happen.  Is it time to eat?  Is this right to eat?  Does this help goals?  And it's GOOD!!!

We have breakfast - lunch - dinner - supper - snacks - binges!  
Okay, no.  No binges.  

See, in the old days we had brutal diets and cheat days, but now the recipes are so good, you do not need cheat days. 

We had to fix the old way.  One big lifter 6'4" 270 lbs of muscle had a cheat day after two weeks of strict diet.  3% body fat and he cheated on Saturday.  His 'figure girl' girlfriend urged him on.  He started the day with six eggs, 10 waffles, syrup and butter, then a pizza, a steak, two whole chickens, a bell pepper (don't ask), and later a BOX of fruit loops with whole milk, and then an ice cream milkshake, plus four peanut butter cups - two of them IN the milkshake, and I found out later he had been eating Pop Tarts off and on the whole time. He gained about 12 pounds (mostly water, I hope) in about 4 hours and then went into a food coma nap for 3 hours.  We woke, headed for the gym, and did a monster PR (personal record) 635 lbs. full squat - but it was not pretty and we are sure that was not healthy.  

And he said it was a lot of fun though the Fruit Loops hurt the roof of your mouth.  

Anyway, now we have excellent recipes.  

We have excellent, healthy, delicious recipes, and also the 'Recipe of the Week'. 

All training does not have to be tough.  Some is for recovery.  Some is a challenge.  Others have to help with when you are traveling or have no time or almost no gear.  What to do?  The Travel workouts are specific to a fitness center on the road but you can use them as a guide to create your own anywhere.

When you get to your travel location, stop by the fitness center, pop a photo or two into the submission form and DewCoach Steve will write your custom workout based on the equipment available in the fitness center and then email it back to you. Staying for 7 days? You get 3 workouts. If you want more than that, just ask. 

Coaching videos on the technique of a wide variety of exercises. These videos feature clients of DewCoach and training by DewCoach Steve or Terry. The library will grow steadily and you can request an exercise to be added to the library.

Motivation is crucial to life - it is fuel to make you go.  Love.  Life.  Kids!  Fun.  And there are many ways to get motivated. Our tab here includes help as music playlists, video playlists, writing, and more.  We deliver motivation on demand!  









Retreats are well known for having a lasting impact on individuals and relationships.  One can enable huge new progress.  Our DewCoach annual retreat will provide that impact and more. 

Fun.  Challenge. Growth and Relationships for your future.  

The first RETREAT IS FOR 2017!  

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